Audi A3-S3 (8Y) (2020-2023) Fuse Box Location & Diagram

Our focus is on the fourth-generation Audi A3-S3 (8Y), which has been available since 2020. For owners and enthusiasts of these models, we provide comprehensive fuse box diagrams for the Audi A3 and S3 spanning the years 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. These diagrams are designed to inform you about the precise location of the fuse panels within the vehicle’s interior. Additionally, they provide valuable information about the assignment and layout of each fuse, allowing for easy identification and troubleshooting of electrical issues. Whether you need to replace a fuse or understand the functionality of a specific fuse, these diagrams serve as a reliable resource for understanding the fuse box layout in your Audi A3 or S3.

Fuse Box Location

Interior Compartment

For left-hand drive (LHD) Audi A3-S3, the location of the fuses may vary based on the vehicle’s equipment. In some cases, the fuses can be found behind a cover (1) or behind the storage compartment (2) in the vicinity of the steering column.

In right-hand drive (RHD) Audi A3-S3, the fuses are typically situated behind a cover specifically located within the glove compartment.

Under The Bonnet Fuse Box

The fuse box is located on the left side of the engine compartment, ensuring easy access for maintenance and inspection. It allows for convenient monitoring and troubleshooting of electrical systems without extensive disassembly.

Fuse Box Diagrams

Interior fuse box

This assignment serves as a guide for understanding which fuse corresponds to specific electrical components and systems located in the interior of the Audi A3-S3 8Y.

3Trailer hitch
4Drive components, exhaust treatment
5Automatic transmission selector lever
6Vehicle electrical system control module
7Seat heating controls, electrical system control module
8Panoramic glass roof
9Control module for front driver’s side door, rear driver’s side power window
11Trailer hitch
12Vehicle electrical system control module
13Vehicle electrical system control module
14Sound system
16Airbag control module
17Exhaust treatment
18Steering column lock, convenience access and start authorization control module
19Instrument cluster, emergency call module
20Infotainment system, USB input
21Driver assistance systems control module, camera systems, side assist, luggage compartment lid
23Front passenger’s side lumbar support
24All wheel drive control module
25Left front safety belt tensioner
26Front passenger’s side door control module, rear passenger’s side power window
27Right front safety belt tensioner
28High-voltage battery emergency cut-off point
29Trailer hitch
30Infotainment system
31Trailer hitch
33Front driver’s side lumbar support
35Vehicle electrical system control module
36Climate control system blower
37Luggage compartment lid control module
39Steering column electronics
40Anti-theft alarm system
41Diagnostic interface
42Automatic transmission selector lever
43Tire pressure monitoring, climate control system controls, auxiliary heating, interior temperature sensor, rear window heater relay
44Particulate matter sensor, roof electronics control module, parking brake button, anti-theft alarm, diagnostic connection, headlight range control, garage door opener control module, light switch, light/ rain sensor
45Steering column electronics
46Volume control, center display, head-up display
47Suspension control
48USB input
5212 volt socket
58Driver assistance systems control module, front camera, parking aid
59Climate control system, exterior sound, rearview mirror, back-up light switch, center console switch panel, air quality sensor, 12 volt socket relay
60Diagnostic connection
61Clutch position sensor, electric drive system, high-voltage battery
64Passenger’s side passenger occupant detection system, passenger’s airbag OFF warning light
65Exterior sound
66Rear window wiper
67Rear window defogger

Under bonnet fuse box

The assignment of 33 fuses in the fuse box located under the bonnet refers to the specific functions and allocations of each fuse within the engine compartment.

2Drive system control module, Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
3Motor components, fuel pump, climate control system, high-voltage charger, electric drive system
4Left headlight
5Right headlight
7Transmission fluid cooling
8Brake booster
10Windshield wipers
11Climate control system
12Transmission control module
13Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
14Auxiliary heating, sound actuator
15Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
16Automatic transmission
17Exhaust treatment, climate control, auxiliary heating
18Climate control, auxiliary heating
21Drive system control module
22Engine start
23Drive system control module
24Engine components, diesel module, exhaust treatment, fuel leak diagnosis, oil level and oil temperature sensor, engine cooling
25Engine components, exhaust treatment
26Engine components, exhaust doors, fuel leak diagnosis, engine cooling, transmission fluid cooling, exhaust treatment
27Heated oxygen sensors
28Engine components
29Fuel pump, transmission control module
30Engine cooling
33Climate control, auxiliary heating

As the Audi A3-S3 8Y is a very new model, it is important to note that changes in fuse box configurations may occur annually. If any errors are noticed in our fuse box diagrams or if you have access to updated diagrams or manuals, we kindly request you to share that information in the comment section. By doing so, we can ensure that our article remains accurate and up to date. Your contribution and assistance are greatly appreciated as we strive to provide the most reliable and relevant information to our readers. Thank you for your cooperation.

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