Audi A6-S6 (C8-4K) (2018-2023) Fuse Box Location & Diagram

Welcome to the user manual for the fifth-generation Audi A6-S6 (C8-4K), encompassing the model years from 2018 to the present. Within this article, we provide comprehensive fuse box diagrams for the Audi A6 and S6, covering the years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. Here, you will discover valuable information regarding the precise locations of the fuse panels within the vehicle and gain insight into the purpose and allocation of each fuse, ensuring a thorough understanding of the fuse layout.

Dashboard Fuse Box


The Audi A6 features a conveniently positioned fuse box on the left side of the dashboard, discreetly concealed behind a protective cover.


The table below displays the assignment of fuses on the left side of the dashboard (driver side).

Fuse panel A (black)
A2Steering column adjustment
A3CD/DVD player
A4Steering column electronics
A5Light switch, switch panels
A6Volume control
A7Instrument cluster
A8Front MMI (Upper/lower) display
A9Steering wheel heating
Fuse panel B (brown)
B2MMI Infotainment system control module
B32018-2021: Audi music interface
from 2022: Audi music interface, USB connection
B4Head-up display
B5Climate control system, fragrance system, ionizer
B9Steering column lock

Footrest Fuse Box


The second fuse box is located in the driver’s footrest area for left-hand drive vehicles, while for right-hand drive vehicles, it is situated behind the lid on the front passenger footwell.


The table below displays the assignment of fuses at the footrest area.

Fuse panel A (black)
A12018-2019: Not Used;
2020-2023: Catalytic converter heating
A2Engine components
A3Engine components
A4Engine components
A5Brake light sensor
A62018-2019: Engine components;
2020-2021: Engine valves
from 2022: Engine valves, camshaft adjustment
A7Engine components
A8Engine components
A92018-2020: Engine components
2021-2023: Engine components, 48 V water pump, 48 V drivetrain generator
A10Oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor
A112018-2019: Engine start;
2020: Engine components
2021-2023: Engine components, 48 V water pump, 48 V drivetrain generator, 12 V drivetrain generator
A122018-2020: Engine components
2021-2023: Engine valves, engine mount
A13Radiator fan
A142018-2019: Engine control module;
2020-2023: Engine control module, fuel injectors
A152018-2020: Engine sensors
2021-2023: Engine sensors, ignition coils, oxygen sensors
A16Fuel pump
Fuse panel B (red)
B1Anti-theft alarm system
B2Engine control module
B3Left front lumbar support
B6Parking brake
B7Gateway control module (diagnosis)
B82018-2019: Interior headliner lights;
2020-2023: Roof electronics control module
B9Driver assist systems control module
B10Airbag control module
B112018-2019: Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC);
2020-2023: Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
B12Diagnostic connector, light/rain sensor
B13Climate control system
B14Right front door control module
B15Climate control system compressor, body electronics
B162018-2019: Auxiliary battery control module;
2020-2023: Auxiliary battery control module, brake system pressure reservoir
Fuse panel C (red)
C1Engine ignition coils
C32018-2019: Not Used;
2020-2023: High-voltage heating, compressor
C5Engine mount
C6Automatic transmission
C7Instrument panel
C8Climate control system fresh air blower
C9Windshield wiper control module
C10Dynamic steering
C11Engine start
C122018-2019: Not Used;
2020: Automatic transmission
2021-2023: Automatic transmission fluid pump
Fuse panel D (black)
D1Front seat heating
D2Windshield wipers
D3Left headlight electronics
D4Panoramic glass roof
D5Left front door control module
D7Right rear door control module
D8All-wheel drive control module (quattro)
D9Right headlight electronics
D10Windshield washer system/headlight washer system
D11Left rear door control module
D12Parking heater
Fuse panel E (brown)
E12018-2019: Seat ventilation, seat heating, rearview mirror, climate control system, rear climate control system controls;
2020-2023: Seat ventilation, seat electronics, rearview mirror, rear climate control panel, diagnostic connector, traffic information antenna (TMC)
E22018-2019: Climate control system;
2020-2023: Vehicle electrical system control module, gateway control module
E3Sound actuator/exhaust sound tuning
E4Transmission heating valve
E5Engine start
E72021-2023: Active accelerator pedal
E82018-2019: Night vision assist;
2020-2023: Night vision assist, active roll stabilization
E92018-2019: Adaptive cruise assist;
2020-2023: Adaptive cruise assist, front radar
E11Intersection assistant, driver assist systems

Luggage Compartment Fuse Box


The fuse box is positioned beneath the lid on the trunk floor.


The table below displays the assignment of fuses in luggage compartment.

Fuse panel 1
12021-2023: Thermal management
3Passenger’s side rear safety belt tensioner
4Driverโ€™s side rear safety belt tensioner
5Air suspension
6Automatic transmission
7Rear sliding sunroof, rear spoiler
8Rear seat heating
92018-2019: Central locking, tail lights;
2020: Left tail light
2021-2023: Convenience system control module, left tail light
10Front belt tensioner on driver’s side
112018-2019: Central locking, rear blind;
2020: Luggage compartment lid central locking, fuel filler door, luggage compartment cover
2021-2023: Luggage compartment lid central locking, fuel filler door, sunshade, luggage compartment cover
12Luggage compartment lid control module
Fuse panel 2
12018-2019: Empty;
from 2020: Suspension stabilization control module
22018-2019: Empty;
from 2020: Service disconnect switch
42018-2019: Empty;
2020: Electric motor
2021-2023: Electric drive system, power electronics
52018-2020: Brake system
2021-2022: Brake system, brake booster
62018-2019: Empty;
2020-2023: High-voltage battery water pump
72018-2019: Empty;
2020: Hybrid remote-controlled interior climate control
from 2021: Auxiliary climate control
82018-2019: Empty;
2020: Hybrid A/C compressor
2021-2023: Climate control system compressor
9Auxiliary battery control module
102018-2019: Empty;
2020-2023: Hybrid high-voltage battery
112018-2019: Empty;
2020-2023: Hybrid charger
142018-2019: Empty;
2020-2023: Thermomanagement, water pump
152018-2019: Empty;
2020-2023: Thermomanagement control module
162018-2019: Empty;
from 2020: Gateway
Fuse panel 3
1Driver assist systems control module
22018-2020: Audi phone box, roof antenna
2021-2023: Audi phone box
32018-2019: Right front lumbar support;
2020-2021: Front seat electronics, right lumbar support
from 2022: Right lumbar support
4Side assist
52018-2019: Empty;
2020-2021: Rear climate control system control panel
from 2022: Rear Seat Remote
6Tire pressure monitoring system
7Emergency call system
82018-2019: Empty;
2020-2023: Parking heater radio receiver, fuel tank monitoring
9Automatic transmission selector lever
102018-2019: TV tuner;
2020-2023: TV tuner, data exchange and telematics control module
11Vehicle opening/start (NFC)
12Garage door opener
13Rearview camera, peripheral cameras
14Central locking, tail lights
16Front belt tensioner on front passenger’s side
Fuse panel 4
Fuse panel 5
22021-2023: Exterior antenna
32018-2019: Exhaust treatment;
2020-2023: Exhaust treatment, sound actuator, AC socket
4Rear climate control system control panel
52018-2020: Right trailer hitch light
2021-2023: Right trailer hitch light, right rear seat adjustment
72018-2019: Trailer hitch;
2020-2023: Trailer hitch release
82018-2020: Left trailer hitch light
2021-2023: Left trailer hitch light, right rear seat adjustment
92018-2021: Trailer hitch socket
from 2022: Trailer hitch socket, high-voltage battery
10All-wheel drive sport differential
11Exhaust treatment
122018-2019: Empty;
2020-2023: 48 V generator

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