Audi Q3 (F3) (2018-2023) Fuse Box Location & Diagram

Welcome to the comprehensive fuse box guide for the second-generation Audi Q3 (F3), spanning from its introduction in 2018 to the present day. Within these pages, you will uncover a wealth of valuable information, including detailed fuse box diagrams for the Audi Q3 models 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. Delve into the intricacies of the fuse panels’ whereabouts inside the car and gain invaluable insights into the assignment and layout of each fuse. Whether you are a seasoned owner or a curious enthusiast, this guide is your go-to resource for understanding the electrical system of the Audi Q3 and ensuring its optimal functionality.

Cockpit Fuse Panel

Fuse Box Location

The fuse boxes for left-hand drive and right-hand drive vehicles are situated in distinct locations. To easily identify their exact placements, refer to the images below, which provide clear visual guidance on where each fuse box is located.

Left-hand drive

Behind the driver’s side storage compartment lies the fuse panel’s discreet location.

Right-hand drive

The fuse panel can be found concealed behind the lid within the glove compartment.

Fuse Box Diagram

Below, you will find a detailed table depicting the assignment of the fuses in the cockpit fuse panel.

12018-2019: Empty;
from 2020: Exhaust treatment
22018-2020: Front lumbar support
from 2021: Seat electronics, front seats
42018-2019: Volume control;
2020: MMI Infotainment system control module
from 2021: Infotainment system, volume control
5Gateway control module (diagnosis)
6Steering column lock, automatic transmission selector lever
72018-2020: Radio receiver, parking heater, climate control system controls
from 2021: Auxiliary heating, climate control system control panel, tire pressure monitoring system
8Headlight range control, interior monitoring, ambient lighting, light switch, roof module, emergency call system, parking brake, diagnostic connector, light/rain sensor, particulate matter sensor
9Steering column electronics
102018-2019: Display;
2020: Display, MMI Infotainment system control module
from 2021: Infotainment system, volume control
11Vehicle electrical system control module
12MMI Infotainment system control module
13Driver’s side safety belt tensioner
14Heating and A/C system blower
15Steering column lock
162018-2019: Cell phone booster;
2020: MMI Infotainment system control module
from 2021: Audi phone box
172018-2020: Instrument cluster
from 2021: Instrument cluster, emergency call module
18Rearview camera, peripheral cameras
19Vehicle opening/start (NFC)
202018-2019: Instrument cluster;
from 2020: Exhaust treatment, instrument cluster
21Steering column electronics
232018-2021: Panoramic glass roof
24Vehicle electrical system control module
25Driver side door control module, left rear window regulator motor, left rear door control module
26Vehicle electrical system control module
27Vehicle electrical system control module
29Roof module, vehicle electrical system control module
302018-2021: Auxiliary battery control module
from 2022: 48 volt battery, electric drive system
312018-2021: Luggage compartment lid
32Driver assistance systems (Parking system, side assist, adaptive cruise assist, camera)
332018-2020: Passenger occupant detection system, front seat ventilation, headliner interior light
from 2021: Front passenger’s seat electronics, roof electronics control module
342018-2020: A/C system components, parking brake, reverse lights
from 2021: A/C system components, parking brake, reverse lights, interior sound generator
352018-2020: A/C system components, diagnostic connector, instrument panel control, rearview mirror
from 2021: A/C system components, diagnostic connector, center console switch module, rearview mirror, headlight range control, instrument ilumination
39Right rear window regulator motor, front passenger side door control module, right rear door control module
41Passenger’s side safety belt tensioner
42Vehicle electrical system control module
432018-2021: Sound-amplifier
44All-wheel drive control module (quattro)
45Driver’s side seat adjustment
47Rear window wiper
482018-2019: Empty;
from 2020: Exterior sound generator
502018-2019: Empty;
from 2020: Luggage compartment lid
53Rear window defogger
54Left trailer hitch light
55Trailer hitch
56Right trailer hitch light
57Trailer hitch socket

Engine Compartment Fuse Panel

Fuse Box Location

The fuse box is conveniently situated on the right side within the engine compartment, in close proximity to the battery.

Fuse Box Diagram

Presented below is an extensive breakdown of the Audi Q3 engine compartment fuse assignments. This comprehensive table provides a detailed overview of each fuse’s function, offering valuable insights into their individual roles within the vehicle’s electrical system.

12018-2019: Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC);
2020: Empty
from 2021: Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
22018-2019: Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC);
2020: Empty
from 2021: Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
3to 2021: Engine control module
from 2022: Drive system control module
4Engine components, engine start
52018-2020: Engine components, ignition coils
from 2021: Engine components
6Brake light switch
7Engine components
8Heated oxygen sensors
9Engine components
10Fuel pump
112018-2021: Auxiliary heating, engine components
122018-2020: Auxiliary heating, engine components
from 2021: Auxiliary heating, brake system vacuum pump
13Automatic transmission, transmission fluid pump
142018-2021: Engine components, ignition coils
162018-2021: Engine components, ignition coils
from 2022: Engine components, engine electronics, on-board charger, power electronics
17Stability Control (ESC), engine control module
182018-2020: Battery control module
from 2021: Battery monitoring control module, diagnostic interface
19Windshield wiper control module
20Anti-theft alarm system, garage door opener
21Automatic transmission
22Engine control module
23Engine start
24Auxiliary heating
312018-2020: Engine components
2021: Engine components, fuel injectors
from 2022: Engine components, fuel injectors, electric drive system
332021: Transmission fluid pump
from 2022: Brake booster
35from 2021: Climate control system
36Left headlight
37Parking heater
38Right headlight

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