Audi TT (8J) (2006-2014) Fuse Box Location & Diagram

In this fuse box user-manual, we’re exploring the second-generation Audi TT (8J), made between 2006 and 2014. You’ll discover easy-to-understand fuse box diagrams for Audi TT models of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. We’ll also provide details about where to find the fuse panels inside the car and explain the purpose of each fuse in a clear layout. It’s your go-to guide for understanding your Audi TT’s fuses.

Cockpit Fuse Panel

Fuse Box Location

The fuse panel can be found on the front left side of the cockpit.

Fuse Box Diagram

Detailing the function of each fuse on the left side of the Audi TT’s cockpit.

1Engine relay, fuel tank control unit, Airbag Off light, light switch (switch illumination), diagnostic connector10A
2ABS, ASR, ESP/ESC, brake light switch5A
3AFS headlight (left)5A
4Oil level sensor (extended maintenance interval) (WIV), tire pressure monitoring system, switch for Electronic Stability Program (ESP / ESC), AFS headlights (control unit), A/C system (pressure sensor), backup light switch5A
5Automatic headlight range control, AFS headlight (right) / manual headlight range control, halogen headlights5A/10A
6Control unit for CAN data transfer (gateway), electromechanical steering, automatic transmission shift gate5A
7Acoustic Park Assist, automatic dipping interior rear view mirror, garage door opener, heatable windshield washer nozzles, washer pump, wind deflector relay (Roadster)5A
8Haldex clutch5A/10A
9Control unit Audi magnetic ride5A
10Airbag control unit5A
11Mass airflow sensor, crankcase heating5A/10A
12Door control unit (central locking driver/passen-ger)10A
13Diagnostic connector10A
14Rain sensor, automatic transmission shift gate5A
15Roof light (interior lighting)5A
16A/C system (control unit)10A
17Tire pressure monitoring system (control unit)5A
18Not used
19Not used
20Not used
21Fuel injectors (gasoline engine)10A
22Wind deflector (Roadster)30A
24Transmission (control unit)15A
25Heater rear window Coupe/heated rear window Roadster30A/20A
26Driver’s side power window30A
27Passenger’s side power window30A
28Not used
29Washer pump15A
30Cigarette lighter20A
32Steering column module5A
33Instrument cluster5A
34Radio navigation system, radio15A/20A
35Audio amplifier30A
36Engine (control unit)10A
37CAN (Gateway)5A
382006-2009: Not used;
from 2010: Cigarette lighter
39Not used
40Not used
41Not used
42Not used
43Not used
44Not used
45Not used
46Not used
47SDARS tuner, cell phone package, TV tuner5A
48VDA interface5A
49Not used

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