Audi TT (FV-8S) (2014-2023) Fuse Box Location & Diagram

Engine Compartment Fuse Panel

Fuse Box Location

The fuse panel can be located on the right side of the engine compartment.

Fuse Box Diagram

Function of the fuses in the engine compartment.

F1ESC control module
F2ESC control module
F3Engine control module
F4Engine cooling, engine components, auxiliary heater coil relay (1+2), secondary air injection pump relay
F5Engine components, tank system
F6Brake light sensor
F7Engine components
F8Oxygen sensor
F92014-2018: Engine components, exhaust door, glow time control module;
from 2019: Engine components, exhaust door
F10Fuel injectors, fuel control module
F112014-2018: Auxiliary heater heating element 2;
from 2019: Not Used
F122014-2018: Auxiliary heater heating element 3;
from 2019: Not Used
F132014-2018: Automatic transmission control module;
from 2019: Transmission fluid pump
F142014-2017: Not Used;
from 2018: Ignition coils (5-cylinder)
F16Ignition coil
F172014-2018: ESC control module, engine control module;
from 2019: Suppressor
F182014-2018: Terminal 30 (reference voltage);
from 2019: Diagnostic interface, battery monitoring, garage door opener antenna
F19Windshield wipers
F202014-2018: Horn;
from 2019: Anti-theft alarm system
F212014-2018: Not Used;
from 2019: Automatic transmission control module
F22Terminal 50 diagnosis
F24Auxiliary heater heating element 1
F312014-2017: Not Used;
from 2018: Engine components (5-cylinder)
F322014-2018: LED headlights;
from 2019: Not Used
F332014-2017: Not Used;
2018: Transmission fluid pump;
from 2019: Not Used

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